For digital meetings: our event platform

Live surveys, participant chats, digital backstage area and parallel live sessions for up to 100,000 participants – this is our powerful digital event platform.

The digital tool for events in 2021

Use the corona pandemic as an opportunity for your digital transformation. With an intuitive design, customizable interface and unique, interactive functions, our event platform is the digital center of your event. At hybrid events, up to 100,000 participants can follow the action live in our event location.

Hybrid or virtual – we can do both

Hybrid events have a local core - a professionally oriented event for the impressive appearance of your company. The majority of the participants take part digitally via our event tool. In the case of completely virtual events, all actors are digitally connected using our event tool. In both cases we take over the participant management, the establishment of the workshop and breakout sessions, the helpdesk for participants and the organization of the event.

Digital kick-off event on May 1st, 2021

Experience with an example what our location and our digital event platform can do – register now for the free kick-off event on May 1st, 2021.

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Get an overview of our digital event platform in 25 minutes. We will show you the possibilities for hybrid events and answer your questions about them. The demo session takes place digitally.

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Numerous features

  • Clear design — intu­itive and easy to use
  • Live stream and parallel live sessions
  • Partic­i­pant manage­ment via the plat­form
  • Webcam roulette: networking and chats between partic­i­pants, speakers, guests, profes­sionals
  • Live polls and other inter­ac­tions for users
  • Digital presen­ta­tion of exhibitors with video, camera, chat, eval­u­a­tions, promo­tions and much more
  • Digital back­stage area

Questions & Answers

Here we answer the most important questions about the digital event platform.
  • What is the role of the stage on your platform?

  • What are the functions of the sessions?

  • How is personal data protected? Is the platform GDPR compliant?

  • How do we ensure that there is no delay in broadcasting the event and that the internet connection remains stable?

  • Do I have to download software?

  • How does networks work on the platform?

  • What functions does the chat have on the platform?

  • How can exhibitors position themselves?

  • Can I participate without a webcam?

  • Do you also do the graphic design?

  • Is the platform design responsive? So can I also take part with the iPad?

  • As a participant, can you enter several rooms at the same time?

  • What about languages?

  • Can you also integrate surveys?

  • Does the platform work worldwide?

  • What problems can arise?

  • Can we hold a dress rehearsal with the managing directors, speakers and exhibitors?

expand further questions

Digital transformation with
Digital Event Hub Kranichstein

How can events take place today that inspire people? With the conception and implementation of hybrid events, we offer you a stepping stone into the future of the event industry.

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Our internal technology service provider HOTELCO ensures that your event runs smoothly with high-end technology on site and technical support from our digital event platform. We are therefore not dependent on external service providers and provide you with all services from a single source.

Your contact person:
Katharina Schmitt
Telefon: +49 (0) 6151 13067-0

Centrally located in the Rhine-Main region, the Hotel Jagdschloss Kranichstein offers conference guests every comfort and the right rooms in a dignified ambience.


The Digital Event Hub Kranichstein is a one-stop solution for your meetings, workshops, seminars and other events. Professional location on site, online up to 100,000 participants.


Live surveys, participant chats, digital backstage area and parallel live sessions for up to 100,000 participants – this is our powerful digital event platform.